Total Care & Support

SpiruallifeThe Total Care and Support (TC&S) program functions as a case management follow-up program for the transition of inmates and the support of ex-offenders. TC&S provides a teamwork approach utilizing trained volunteers to assist a participant’s re-entry into society. Life ‘areas’ identified by counseling professionals and the NC Department of Corrections are targeted as part of case management functions administered by life coaches. This approach assists inmates/ex-offenders with social re-entry efforts as they transition into society as a productive citizen. TC&S is offered to participants in week three of the seven-week Life Skills program and is also made available to all ex-offenders from the Union County Jail.

There are multiple, overwhelming, criminogenic factors that contribute to criminal behavior from which each ex-offender must overcome. Recognizing this, for each person participating in the program, TC&S uses a 4-step plan to assess, establish goals or objectives, obtain community support to assist successful goal accomplishments and track the progress of goal attainment in targeted life areas. TC&S’s Get the Picture, Make A Plan work sheet is used to facilitate program implementation.

For additional information about TC&S and descriptions of the targeted life areas and how the 4-step plan is administered, please visit our TC&S Ministry page. If interested in volunteering, please visit our TC&S Volunteer page.


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